Thursday, 7 August 2008

So we landed in Ibiza (aka party island, the white isle, chav central, beefa) sleepy and groggy at silly o clock on saturday morning to be greeted by our wonderful promoters picking us up and a full roster of luggage flowing on to the baggage carousel. This was of course followed by the apartment we're staying in and the wonderful view, with of course the drawbacks of having no water and no shops being open that late!
The next day was spent hanging around the apartment and finding the money boxes that are a strange parallel to us....
IMG_1014 IMG_1022
So then suddenly it was Sunday night and we were playing to no one but some lads from Hartlepool, with Monday being much the same plus maybe a few more.
Oh, and of course we carried on taking pictures, especially of our boat ride....
IMG_1079 IMG_1084 IMG_0655
And crash bang wallop it's Tuesday and we're on the stage with no soundcheck in support of The Automatic and The Courteeners. Wonderful stuff, especially with good old free drinks and Xboxes in the hotel!
W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y spelt a strange request to 'jam' with the DJ as much as bass and drums and keyboard and cowbell can do at 430 in the morning!! We were very confused but the crowd loved it, as did 6am when we finally got to bed.
Wish you were here.
More news later please.
Henry x

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