Friday, 20 June 2008

Update a bit late

And guess what we have two (not really) new members (they've been in it a good while now) but of course still your favourite Stefan and Maya (even though Henry and Dru clearly make the band) since musflash, which I think can safely be called the stuff of archives given it's OAP status in the world of film.
But no seriously I thought a post would be nice for people who have been checking our blog with no reward but to be faced with the same post they read last time.
What's been happening in The Clik Clik World (we don't call our lives that) I hear you (proverbially) cry?

Well firstly as you can see my bracket keys must have honey on them by the amount I've already put in this post and we've just (5 days ago) finished the alphabeat-university ball-one london show tour! And I can assure you a tour diary of this in youtuberey video form will appear on your screens sooner than you can say "i just bought the clik clik's single 'did you wrong' from itunes", which i'm sure those of you who narrate their own lives will be saying. No but seriously, buy it from itunes.

I'm also pretty sure we have lots of stickers left so we need to get some more fresh ones on the streets! As my friend found this one in a sorry state:

In other news, seriously loving two bands, Fleet Foxes and Late Of The Pier. If you haven't heard of them yet you need to hear them, so go forth!

Well done for reading this bumper size fun post.
Henry (the bassist, obviously) x

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